Gabriel Grim

There's more to this world than what your eyes can see... and it's terrible.


Keeps his head down and wears a hoody. Has a scruffy face. His eyes light up when there is talk of sports, particularly football. Refers to his glory days when appropriate. Has quite a temper when riled up.

Level 1 Warrior


  • Str: 16
  • Dex: 16
  • Con: 18
  • Int: 11
  • Wis: 14
  • Cha: 15
  • HP: 19

Hidden power
Weapon Focus


Gabriel Kline once rode a wave of small town stardom as the high school quarterback for the Crescent Valley Raiders. He lead the team to the state finals in 2007 and figured his life would be set from there.

It wasn’t.

The moment he graduated, the towns attention turned fully to Eric Lambden, the new upcoming talent at QB. Making matters worse, in 2008, Eric lead the team to the Oregon state title, and Gabe’s fate as an artifact of a bygone era was set. He got odd jobs throughout Crescent Valley for a couple of years before his bitterness over lost glory overcome him, and he left to seek a new life.

Low skilled as he was, that new life was harder to find. Eventually he landed work with Cedar Mountain logging. The work was OK, but Gabe couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something wrong with the whole operation. The other men didn’t talk much, and curiosity about the company was strongly discouraged by the management. Journalists would snoop about from time to time, but Gabe wrote them off because they worked for oddball magazines dealing with the supernatural and mysterious.

In the fall of 2011, management assembled a team to do some ‘deep forest’ logging. They selected men without much family or who had left behind troubled pasts. Pay was going to be double overtime though, so Gabe was happy to accept when the offer came.

At first, things seemed normal enough. However, in the glow of an Octobers full moon, something awful happened. Gabe won’t talk about this much yet, but he will admit that only he survived the nights horrors. He was changed though. He discovered that he could sap the life force from other things and reinforce his own health in the process. Unfortunately for Gabe, he learned about this power in the worst way possible. While fighting with his boss after being rescued from the deep woods, Gabe grabbed the mans arm and very nearly killed him with touch alone. Gabe was convinced the company knew about the dangers and wanted to know why he and the others were sent in, but he has no answers yet.

Scared and confused, Gabe ran off once more. He learned that one of the creepy journalists who used to hang around Crescent operates out of LA, so Gabe hitchhiked his way south and got a job at a glass factory to help fund his search. He changed his last name to Grim, hoping it would keep him hidden from the company and give him the secrecy he needs to learn the truth.

Gabriel Grim

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