El Gato Loco


LVL 1 Adventurer

STR:13 ( +1)
DEX:16 ( +3)
CON:14 ( +2)
INT:16 ( +3)
WIS:16 ( +3)
CHA:14 ( +2)

Speed 30
Initative +3
Melee attack +1
Ranged attack +3 ( +5 30’)
Defence: 19
Flat-footed 16
Touch attack 13

Fort +3
Ref +4
Will +4

Action points: 6
Rep: 3

Drive by Attack
Point Blank Shot

Bluff 6, Craft(mechanical) 7, Drive 7, Gamble 5, Gather information 6, Stealth 7, Knowledge(pop culture) 5, Observe 7( 3 with helmet on), Profession(mechanic) 7, Repair 7
Languages: Spanish, English

Super Abilities:
Telekinesis ( 5CP), Force Field ( 6CP), Ranged Retractable Natural Telekinetic Weapons ( 11CP)
Favors Owed (rank 1, 3CP), Dark Secret ( 2CP), Calling Card (rank 1, 3CP), Dependants (rank 1 x2, 4CP)

Wealth: 5
Backpack, Black and Yellow motorbike, Motorcycle armor jacket (light medium inserts), El Gato Motorcycle Helmet (lucky item) ultra light heavy helmet (-4 observe), htc android cellphone, small cat stencil, small can of yellow spraypaint


well, i’ve never writen much before but my sis says it would help me by putting stuff down on paper.. well, electric paper i guess. here goes.
i’m Jesus Ortiz, i’m 23 and work at a local repair garage (Rod’s towing and repair). i grew up in south LA, harbor district. my mother was a saint and my father worked the docks. have two sisters, one younger (Alita 19) and one older (Maria 26) and had a younger brother (Adan) who died 6 years ago. my pa left us when i was seven, he shot a man and fled back to mexico to escape the police. he was a bad man and i felt no loss at him leaving us. my little bro Adan thought he was the shit though. i found out he was in the gang Rancho San Pedro or RSP. they came to recruit me after my pa left but i kept at arms length because i didn’t want to become like my pa. Adan was different, he jumped into gang life full on. i joined the RSP just to keep him from getting killed and was there for him to watch his back. i started running money and drugs for the gang but my bro started getting in deeper and wanted to become a street lord. i don’t remember too much on how he died but i remember enough. he was shaking down a warehouse with a couple other RSP brothers and asked me to come along as another couple of eyes. i don’t know what happened inside after they broke in but i remember the loud noise and the bluegreen light that came from the building. i remember running to the building and trying to slip in to see if i can find my bro, opened the door we kicked in only to get hit by something soo bright and strong, i remember being in the air, i just don’t remember hitting the ground. when i woke up in the hospital, i was told that the warehouse i was ‘walking by’ had a gas leak and there was an explosion. my bro’s body was laid to rest at St Marys Cemetary while i was still in the hospital. that’s when i decided to avoid the gang life the best i can. my sis Maria wound up becoming a cop because of my bro’s death, i think she just made detective a couple weeks back. mother and i are so proud of her. not so much Alita. it’s like she’s trying not to grow up, clubbing most nights and sleeping during the day. well, i should’t be so hard on her, she’s at least working at the club. although waitress at ‘G String’ gentlemans club isn’t too glamerous. last january, mother went up to seatle to live with her sister now that we’re all grown. i guess she likes the weather up there.
well, now to the reason that i’m writing this…
since the night i lost my bro, i’ve been able to do things. strange things. things started moving on thier own around me. if i want a beer, and it’s on the table across the room, if i concentrate, i can get it to float over to me. it’s like i’m some kinda jedi or something. i was in an accident while riding my motorbike, got hit by an suv. didn’t even have a scratch on me after it. i mean wtf!?! last week when i got pissed at one guy at a siesta, i think i friggin cut his bike in half when i was leaving. not with an axe or anything, just by thinking about it! i’m trying to control this shit but it’s frikkin hard. i’m also remembering stuff easier, i wasn’t dumb, but i just feel smarter. who knows. just some strange shit going down. two nights ago i was out and stopped a robbery, some two bit crack head was pointing a saturday night special in my cousins face when i came into his store. got so freaked out that i had to do something. took his gun away with my mind and almost cut his arm off. cousin freaked out, crackhead freaked out, i freaked out. gotta learn to control this shit. but, i felt like a frikkin super hero, right. that’s what they do right? stop crazy bad people from hurting and robbing good people, right? i should take my lucky helmet and make some changes to it to look cool and get myself a cool name and shit. get my batman on homie!

El Gato Loco

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