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The Environment

For all general purposes, we’re starting in the Summer of 2012, right here, right now. Of course there will be some changes made related to generating a storyline, but that’s it. As such, to date, there are no known superheroes, outside of comic books and movies, and Batman

So any powers that you select must be hidden at the start of the game. This means no feathery wings, no steel skin, etc. This doesn’t mean you can’t have super strength, hide (literally) in shadows, or summon animals, just that it’s not seen by witnesses as being the stuff of the aforementioned comic books and movies.

The System

Since it’s the most well-founded, we will be using the d20 Modern system as the base for this campaign. However, the Phoenix Book will provide the Superhero flavor.

In the first week, we will be rolling up stats, as well as going over the general method in creating your character.

Oh, and Movie Physics will apply for this game, so if you get thrown into a concrete building (and you don’t have a super weight/mass power), you’ll still make an impression.

Levels & Classes

Diverging from the Phoenix model, we will be starting off at 1st level (with 10 CP). Super heroes are completely new to this world (or at least that’s what the general public believes).

Phoenix Classes vs. Base Classes

I’d rather you guys use the d20 base classes, but if the Phoenix classes seem that much more appealing, then that works too. However, it is a universal choice (i.e. either everyone is a d20 hero, or everyone is a phoenix hero).

Not Transformers

While this will be the quintessential Superhero game, it will not be a destroy-the-city game. While I doubt we will be using the Phoenix XP system, I do agree that solving a problem without violence will give you just as much (if not more) xp than with violence.

Oh, and powers are first come first serve.


Main Page

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