Wynona Franks


DEX:16 +3
CON:13 +1
INT:18 +4
WIS:13 +1
CHA:15 +4

AC: 13
HP: 5

Colt Python, 2d6 damage, 20crit, 40 ft range, 6 cylinder, medium size

Fort: +1
Reflex: +5
Will: +1

Action Points: 6


Wynona was a techno-wunderkind. As a child, she made a hobby out of dismantling and rebuilding house hold machines. Combining her insatiable curiosity with her unique ability to memorize anything placed before her, Wynona made an exceptional student, and graduated from MIT with a Bachelors in Computer Engineering by the time she was 20.

She was instantly snatched up by Intel to work in the R&D team. After six years of employment with the company, she climbed to the highest levels of research. Unfortunately, her curiosity would be her doom. An unfortunately lab accident left her physically unharmed, but mentally “distracted”, as later HR reports termed it. She was too deep into the company’s trade secrets to be fired, so she was relocated from Santa Clara to Los Angeles and much more low-key position.

Wynona, however, knew that the accident had done more than make her “distracted”. She discovered she had the ability to repair any piece of machinery merely by touching it. She also learned that she could communicate telepathically with machines, leading to her “distracted” nature. Gradually, through meditation and a well-trained psychologist, Franks was able to control her ability. She now spends her spare time building small appliances on which to practice her new-found ability.

Unbeknownst to Franks, her psychologist sold the nature of her abilities to several powerful tech-giants. None of them have acted on the information, yet…

Wynona Franks

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