Ti Chane

"Do not worry, miss. I will protect you."



Str: 14
Dex: 18
Con: 15
Int: 14
Wis: 18
Cha: 14

Class: Martial Artist 2
Level: 2

HP: 18
Rep: + 1
Wealth: + 7(+ 6 Starting, – 1 Light Undercover Shirt, + 2 Level)
Init: + 8 (4 Dex, 4 ImpInit)
Speed: 30
Action Points: 13

AC: 17 + (1 Class, 2 Equip, 4 Dex)[+ 2 Dodge vs Melee, + 2 Dodge vs Target]
FF: 13
Touch: 15 +

Fort: + 3(1 Base, 2 Con)
Ref: + 5(1 Base, 4 Dex)
Will: + 5(1 Base, 4 Wis)

BAB: + 2
Melee: + 4(2 BAB, 2 Str)
Range: + 6(2 BAB, 4 Dex)
Grapple: + 4(2 BAB, 2 Str)

Unarmed Strike: + 7 Melee(2 BAB, 4 Dex Finesse, 1 WF); 1d6 + 2 damage(Str) + 1 damage(WF)
Two-Weapon Unarmed: + 5 / + 5 Melee(2 BAB, 4 Dex Finesse, – 2 TW, 1 WF); 1d6 + 3 / 1d6 + 2

Spent CP: 30(20 Level, 10 Comps)
Ads: Extra Feat(2CP / Feat)
Comps: Bad Driver(2 rnks: + 6CP), Hero’s Code(Honesty: + 2CP, Loyalty: + 2CP)

Class Features: Combat Martial Arts, Improved Unarmed Damage, Evasion

Feats: Combat Martial Arts(Class), Defensive Martial Arts(Ad), Dodge(Ad), Heroic Intervention(Level 1), Improved Unarmed Damage(Class), Improved Initiative(Level 1), Light Footed(Ad), Two-Weapon Fighting(Ad), Weapon Finesse(Ad), Weapon Focus(Unarmed)(Ad)

Proficiencies: Armor(Light), Weapons(Archaic), Weapons(Improvised), Weapons(Exotic: Nunchaku), Weapons(Over-sized), Weapons(Simple)

Skills(40 rnks): Autohypnosis + 9(5 rnks), Climb + 7(5 rnks), Concentration + 3(1 rnk), Drive – 4(Comp), Jump + 7(5 rnks), Knowledge(Theology/Philosophy) + 3(1 rnk), Observe + 9(5 rnks), Pilot – 4(Comp), Profession + 5(1 rnk), Sense Motive + 6(5 cc rnks), Stealth + 9(5 rnks), Swim + 4(2 rnk), Tumble + 9(5 rnks)

Origin: Psychic
PP: 13
Powers: Force Field(6CP); Healing Touch(4 rnks, 1CP / rnk), Purification (2CP);Need Not Eat (1CP), Need Not Drink(1CP); Need Not Sleep(2CP)

Inventory: Light Undercover Shirt(Weighted Practice Gi), All melee weapons purchase DC <=6(stored><=6(Stored at practice studio)


Ti Chane was the only child of a young woman whose name he would never know. She had dropped him off at the door of an orphanage when he was three years old, he had been told once by one of the case workers. Miss Sawyer had told him his mother stood out in the rain, darkness causing her to be little more than a silhouette. “Take care of him please.” His mother had called out. Miss Sawyer had responded, “Who are you, where is his father?” “He… he doesn’t have a father,” The young woman called back, “and I cannot care for him any more.” His mother turned and began walking away in the dark drizzle. “What is his name?” Miss Sawyer called to her back. The young woman stopped, turning her head, and paused before saying over her shoulder, “Ti… Ti Chane.” She finished by saying almost too softly over the rain, “It was my grandfathers name.” Then the dark form ran off into the night. Miss Sawyer told him that she had called the police that night but they had never found the woman and nobody had ever come to claim Ti as their own.

Even as young as he was, Ti knew when one of the other kids at the orphanage was being mean and while he wasn’t the biggest kid, nor the oldest, he instinctively stepped in to protect those that were smaller and weaker. Ti got into fights often, fights he started even, just to protect the younger or smaller kids. He told the orphanage that he knew what was right and wrong and what those bullies were doing was wrong so he had to stop it. While it was surprising that a kid so young would start fights with kids bigger and older than himself, what was even more surprising was that he won more often than not.

Unfortunately prospective parents do not think highly of kids who regularly get into fights. Ti found himself looked over time and time again for those who were not as aggressive. He tried to explain, even as he got older and was more articulate, but few believed that a troublemaker like himself at his age was only trying to help others. They usually thought it was all lies and excuses.

As Ti entered his teens, still at the orphanage, Miss Sawyer worried about him. Kids his age usually didn’t get chosen by parents and Ti seemed restless. Miss Sawyer called upon a friend who worked at the local Big Brother Big Sister organization. He told her to send Ti over and they would match him up with a big brother who could mentor him and give him some focus.

Ti obliged Miss Sawyer this request and visited BBBS organization. Miss Sawyer’s friend noticed that Ti was of eastern asian decent and decided to pair him up with Liang Shen, a Chinese man whose kindly smile and calm demeanor never wavered. Liang considered Ti’s past and decided he could benefit from training and discipline. Liang enrolled Ti in the same martial arts program that Liang himself attended. On days that Liang would pick Ti up after school they would immediately go to learn and train under Master Yang.

Ti took to the teachings like a fish to water soon surpassing his Big Brother in skill. Within the year Master Yang had declared Ti worthy of master status. Master Yang took Ti as his prized pupil teaching him a number of styles and arts. While Ti still spent time with Liang, this time quickly began to wane in favor of the teachings of Master Yang. It wasn’t long after that Liang withdrew himself from Ti’s life explaining that Ti had found his path and it was Liang’s responsibility to take on someone new.

For the next two years Ti trained with Master Yang and it wasn’t long before Master Yang declared he could teach Ti no more. Master Yang contacted Miss Sawyer and explained to her that Ti had great potential and that he would like to take Ti on a trip to China where they would travel to various martial arts masters to train and learn. Miss Sawyer, both reluctant to let Ti go to a strange new country and eager to let him spread his wings finally decided to fill out the necessary paperwork to let Master Yang take over temporary guardianship of the young Ti.

Ti spent the next three years traveling through China with Master Yang. They visited temples and monasteries alike, Ti absorbing all the masters had to offer. They instinctively knew that he was special and so took him in. The time was not without it’s troubles though as Ti instinctively stepped into many conflicts without a care for himself. Master Yang was not always able to extricate Ti from the scene, but somehow he always managed to make things right with the proper authorities and they would hasten upon their travels as soon as Ti was freed.

Ti learned many forms of martial arts in his travels. While the forms were different, Chi was a common thread. It was his life force, the thing that gave him strength. It connected him with his surroundings. Ti could feel it and knew it to be true. He found that it was his Chi which explained to him what was right and wrong. Nature was balance. Chi was the power that maintained that balance and he could feel the weight of imbalance and the drive to correct it. Man made things like cars and computers, on the other hand, seemed unnatural and strange. They had no Chi, no balance. They were empty. But Ti had little time to worry over these things as Master Yang kept pushing him to train harder and learn.

Over this time Ti began to notice changes in his Chi. At first it was just a calmness, a sort of energy within him that connected him to life. But over the years it began to move and change. It was no longer just a stationary lake within him. It flowed and surged. It fueled his body and mind. When he concentrated hard enough, his Chi would sometimes manifest outside of his body. A cut he touched would suddenly heal. A transparent almost invisible shell would spring to life protecting him from blows that should have killed him. And it was also during this time that he found he no longer needed to sleep. His Chi could restore his strength and energy through quiet meditation instead of fatigued unconsciousness. These things were not obvious enough for Master Yang to notice directly, but he knew something special was happening with Ti.

Shortly after Ti turned 18, he received a letter from Miss Sawyer. She informed him that he needed to return so that he could be declared a legal adult and thus was no longer a ward of state. Master Yang was not a young man when they had left on the trip and three years had not helped the situation. It seemed the time was right for Ti to return to American and go his own way and so he and his master parted ways.

Ti returned home and with Miss Sawyer’s blessings, he set off on his own. He traveled much of the west coast of the United States over the next year visiting the various martial arts schools that he came across. What he found was disappointing. Many of these schools were little more than fronts for a jaded student who tried to teach what they had been unable to learn. He found himself in Los Angeles when he realized that perhaps it was his responsibility to show others the way to enlightenment. He started a school but found it hard to draw students. He eventually did find some promising boys, but Ti found his life was not one of luxury.

Ti was mostly content, feeling as if he were fulfilling a duty. A small voice nagged at him though. It whispered to him that he was meant for something more. His destiny, it told him, was for something far far greater.

Ti Chane

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