Lief Freyrson


Level 1

  • HP: 20
  • AC: 16


  • Str: 18
  • Dex: 14
  • Con: 17
  • Int: 10
  • Wis: 15
  • Cha: 14

Trained Skills
Diplomacy +6, Gather Information +6, Intimidate +6,Jump + 17, Knowledge arts, history, philosophy and theology +2, Profession (librarian) +4

Far shot

18 CP’s
Esoteric item – Sturmrwulfe (Battleaxe +1 with Throwing, returning, shock) 8CP
Esoteric item – Forstarder (Steel shield +1) 2CP
Fast Healing 2CP
Regeneration (rank 1) 2CP
Amazing Leap 1CP
Ability enhancement (Strength +1) 2CP
1 CP unspent

Dramatic activation (command word, 2CP)
Forsworn from firearms (rank 1, 2CP)
Hero’s Code: Fair play (4CP)


I grew up in Western Canada where my father, Gunner Freyrson, taught European mythology and folklore at the University of Calgary. People would sometimes ask him why he was so interested in the tales of white people. He would chuckle and say to them, “Do you think that just because the Scandinavian’s worshipped them, the Asgardians must all have been white? There is more diversity in the heavens then we even dare imagine in this world.” This would often leave them more confused.

He never said much about my mother though. She left when I was very young and I have no memory of her. I know he met her when he was traveling across Europe as a grad student, and that she was also interested in Nordic legends. Why she left us is still a mystery to me.

The mountains and plains of western Canada were an ideal place to be child. So I was sad when my father sat me down before the hearth on my tenth birthday and explained to me we were leaving. He told me of my heritage, of a family tree that extended further back than most people could believe, and of a sacred calling all Freyrson men must answer. I knew in very blood he spoke the truth, and when he showed me two of the relics he had already found, I was not alarmed or troubled by the power I felt within them.

The Freyrson legacy is one of searching, he explained to me. We scour the world for an ancient relic that once belonged to our greatest ancestor. My father’s work was dedicated to this task, but he realized that year that studying leads was no longer enough. It was time to look with his eyes.

We struck out for the world, journeying to Norway, Finland, Russia, the Baltics, North Africa, and China. We even spent a month in Argentina chasing down an obscure lead. By the time I was 18 I had seen more of the Earth than most people would see in a lifetime. It was at that time that I realized I needed to take the Freyrson legacy upon my own shoulders.

I am no professor like my father, but I needed to study and learn if I was to have a direction in my own search. I liked books, so I learned to be a Librarian at the New Mexico Polytechnic college outside Santa Fe. I managed to get work in New York at the central library which has an impressive collection of rare books dealing with Norse myth, and that suited my needs perfectly.
I kept in touch with my father, he and I exchanging little bits of information we’d gathered. These were happy days. Yet I could tell the bookish life was not for me. My body yearned for action, for motion… for battle. If it is in your blood to fight than I need not explain how this is… if it isn’t I cannot explain in a way that would make sense.

So 6 months ago when I learned my father had been murdered in LA I was ready to war with all of the world if I thought it might bring him back. Why anyone would hurt that joyful and harmless man is beyond me. A large package arrived the next day, and knew right away what was inside. I took the two relics for myself and dedicated myself anew to resolving the Freyrson quest once and for all. But it’s more than just revenge that moves me… far more. The very nature of the world itself is at stake. I’ll explain that later. Some things are best said with a beer hand and a warm fire heating our faces.

It took some time, but my smile is back. I needed to only remember how my father chose to live and goodness came back to my heart. Now when people ask me why I am so interested in some ancient European sword, I can smile and tell them of Asgard’s diversity, just as my father once did. They usually look at me confused. I Just smile back… soon they will not be.

Lief Freyrson

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