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Stellar Dynamics announces SD Meteor release

Stellar Dynamics announces SD Meteor release

by Jolene McCollins, Yahoo! Tech Writer

At 12:34 PM today, Stellar Dynamics CEO Ken Kason confirmed that the SD Meteor, a cell phone which has been only based on gossip, heresay, and well-placed marketing up until this point, will be available on October 11th, 2012 for the low low price of $567.89.

Unless you’ve lived in a cave, you’ve probably seen the bill-boards plastering “Brace Yourselves” and “Impact Imminent” that have been up the past few months. To their benefit, they have gotten everyone all riled up – now they just have to not let us down.

And then this morning, all Kason had to do was say those three magic words and we were all hooked… “unlimited battery life”.

“We live in an era of global communication. Business is conducted minute by minute, second by second, and require the use of electronics which gain power and intelligence at the same rate.

With smartphones especially, they are so advanced now, they use up power at an amazing rate! For some people, this means charging them every couple of hours. Granted, no one should have to use to that extent, but sometimes it’s required. What if you’re on a plane, train, or even an automobile, and can’t charge. That’s money flying out the window.

At Stellar Dynamics, we’ve solved that problem, by presenting the SD Meteor, a phone which has an unlimited battery life. That’s right, if it ever dies on you, we will pay for the use of whatever type of phone you want, through whichever plan you want, for the rest of your life!"

He’s released prototypes for testing to a limited number of individuals who all must sign non-disclosure agreements.

Ken, you’ve laid down the gauntlet. Let’s see what you got…



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