Age of Empowerment

Session 3: A Complex Situation

August 24th, 2012 2:45 AM PST

"Cops" on PatrolOur soon-to-be heroes stand on the outskirts of the Rascal Mindset, Inc. complex. Off in the distance, Ti Chane hears a door close. Looking over the ridgeline, they can barely make out the two cop cars parked by the abandoned GMC Yukon. The beams from several flashlights stare intently within and at the surrounding area. It is now only a matter of time before they connect the Yukon with the “fugitives”…

They return to the task at hand – entering the building and finding the third package. With as much haste as they can chance while sneaking, they start making their way up to the door. On the way down, Wynona trips, but senses something off to the left, near the northwest side of the complex grounds. Nothing jumps out at here, but she can’t quit staring. Something is over there, and she just can’t see it. The last time she felt like this, it was at the Alexandria Hotel looking at that stupid painting. All she sees is a small ridge in the downward slope, lighted up by the nearby lamppost – nothing else.

The rear hatchWith neither the time nor conviction to investigate, they near the door. The only access point seems to be an RFID card reader, covered by a black plastic panel, 4 inches square. Wynona tries to “log in” using her powers, to convince the system they are friendlies who are allowed access to the building … but with the power outage, it does’t even register her presence.

With some incredible timing and quality teamwork, they manage to bring power to the lock by using the remains of an emergency light, quickly convincing it before the alarm is triggered.

They’re in.

They stand inside the Rascal Mindset coding area. Lots of desks, more monitors than anyone but Wynona is used to seeing, and many dartboards / trash basketball hoops aplenty litter the area. They start sneaking around.

Suddenly, the hum of electricity can be heard as power seems to be restored. Lights flicker on, one at a time, until the entire building is completely lit up.

They continue sneaking around, only coming across a lone security guard who “wasn’t paid to deal with earthquakes!” With the power restored, he has a lot to do. He can be heard walking ferverously throughout the area, making it easy for our heroes to stealth by.

Outside of the desks and office equipment (and the fact that the building seems to have sustained a significant amount of damage from the earthquake, the only real object of note is the large atrium located in the center of the building, with a big hole in it. A marble fountain seems to have lost it’s hold on the main floor and crashed into the floor below during the earthquake, making the remaining floor very precarious with the missing center.

The security guard, back in the lobby, seems to be on the phone with a supervisor who’s out-of-state, trying to handle the situation. While at the desk, he mumbles about a non-working door lock and proceeds to the rear of the building.

117Time to make a break for it. With El Gato on the lookout for the guard, the rest of them quickly enter the lobby. Off to one side is an enclosed space containing entire rows of old 40s style PO boxes, now used for employees. They quickly find #117 and open it with the small key they got in the briefcase.

Inside is the third note and two metal items that look like pieces of a key – the bow and the bit. The shank seems to be missing.

The Bow
The Bit

The phone rings. The guard starts to make his way back. El Gato cleverly distracts him for a bit, masking his presence, but the phone is ringing, and the only guard is going to answer. Ti, Wynona, and Lief hide in the darkened mailbox room as best they can.


“No, nothing strange so far … outside of the earthquake and resulting power outages…”

“We had a faulty lock trigger when the power went on, but again, no-one seems to be here.”

“No, by all means, look around. Place is a little unstable since, you know… but yeah, sure.”

“Of course. I’ll see you shortly.”

The phone call seems to have made him more cautious … and suspicious. He unclasps his holster and draws his weapon. With a click, his flashlight comes on and he walks carefully, but quickly, around the lobby. The characters are trapped.


Lief, Ti, and Wynona stand up, hands raised. Through careful diplomacy, the characters convince the guard they only wanted the contents of the mailbox. No harm, no foul apparently, he starts motioning them to the broken rear door. Since it’s off anyways, there will hopefully be no trace of their presence.

As they pass by some large windows, Ti looks outside and sees several police officers and one SWAT officer racing down the hill. The police officers carry automatic pistols, quite strange. Ti looks at them more intently. Being a martial arts instructor, he cannot help but look at their form. Their gait, the way they run down the hill, the way they carry their weapons … these are no police officers.

Busting Down the Door
Thinking them most likely members of The Avenues, the gang which seems to be after them for their part in this treasure hunt, they prepare for battle. Convincing Henry, the guard, that their is trouble ahead, they split the party. The guard and Wynona make their way downstairs in an attempt to hide with the desired treasure. Gato, Lief, and Ti make their way towards the coding area; the entry point the group seemed to be headed towards.

They stand ready to face their adversaries.

  • Will they survive the onslaught?
  • Will Wynona and Henry stay safe?
  • What if these really are police officers? If not, why the farce?
  • Find out next time, on…

Session 4: The Witching Hour Siege



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