“In the ancient times, certain individuals were ‘chosen’ to be imbued with special powers. In those days, they were considered godly, becoming god-kings to rule over nations or becoming the heroes of legend. As humanity stabilized and rose in power, the need to have ‘chosen’ ones dwindled.

“Then the Dark Ages came, and the ‘chosen’ were needed again, and so they came. They came to be some of the greatest legends ever written, and to this day, these times are still referred to as fantasy, not realizing that the ‘grain of truth all stories are based on’ is larger than we thought.

“Humanity currently lives in an era of Science and Religion. People want explanations for everything, and rely on either faith or logic to get there. If something defies their understanding, it’s disregarded as a folktale to teach children a lesson, witnesses are considered either crazy or lying to get attention, or it simply sits in the realm of the ‘unexplained’.

“That era is coming to an end. Humanity is about the be thrown into chaos and will either rise to the challenge or be knocked down, never to recover. The ‘chosen’ will return in the Age of the Empowered; that we will make sure of.

“The question is … will it be enough?” – The Watcher

Age of Empowerment

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